Friday, November 5, 2010

Taste of Winter

Well, folks, we had a touch of winter last week.  Even though I know its coming, winter tends to put me into hibernation mode.  I got my Christmas shopping completed in three days.  The snow has all melted by the end of the day, but it was a rude awakening to the lull the beautiful fall weather had me in.  Mind you this week has returned to the double digits weather and my mums are none the worse for the cold blanket of white stuff, but nevertheless, I know we can't escape the inevitable white that will arrive sooner rather than later.  Most of the geese have flown and many of the birds we see outside my kitchen window these days  will remain here to brave the weather as long as we can keep the bird feeder filled for them.  Some of the trees are reluctant to give up their green dressings of summer while others quickly succumbed and eagerly wore the white dress of horefrost last week when we got a taste of whats to come.  
     With my son home for a while, my quilting has come to a halt.  I just can't work in the sewing room when he's around.  My computer is in the same room and he monopolizes it most of the time.  I get to check in after he is in bed.  Good news coming though is that he plans on returning to Edmonton on the 20th of this month.  The positive spin on him coming home for a month is that I can plan on defrosting my freezer right after he's gone cause it will be almost empty then.  He isn't a growing boy anymore, but he still has the appetite of one.  LOL.  On the negative side of this is once the defrosting is done, I will need to restock it.  VBG. However, as much as I complain about having him underfoot, I must admit its only because I have grown accustomed to my freedom of being able to eat, sleep, wake, quilt, clean whenever the mood feels right living by myself, and with having him home, I must revert to spending my time with considerations to him as well.  Many of you have partners still and enjoy the companionship they provide. For this I envy you, but when I am deprived of my freedom with independence, I sometimes forget what it was like to have someone around to need me.  I guess its a tradeoff and depending on what day it is, I swing from one desire to another.  
     I got to spend the day with my sister this week.  She has bought two season tickets to the Manitoba Theater Center performances for the 2010/2011 season.  I accompany her for this first production while the weather is nice and the roads are clear, then my other sister will attend the next three performances during the winter months.  Come March and May, I will attend the last two presentations of the season.  This way, she enjoys spending time with two of her siblings.  The cost isn't too bad either as they are during the day and at the senior prices.  I have always loved the theater and used to go with my mother while she was still with us.  Both my mother and sister bought season tickets in the hopes their partners would accompany them, only to find it wasn't really what the men liked to do.  My younger sister and I jumped at the chance to pick up the cost of the extra ticket they were left with when their husbands refused to go. Living in the country like I do, I tend to stay home during the winter and do my quilting.  I'm not a big fan of winter driving.  I don't mind running up to the local store for groceries, but I don't relish traveling too far from home. The roads are generally fairly good in the country, but once you get close to the city, they get congested with traffic, ice/snow etc. so I avoid what I can from the first snow drop to the last.  I love winter, when I can look out the window at the beautiful clean white stretch of snow marked only with the rabbit or bird tracks.  I'm not a big fan of being out in the cold unless it is warmer than minus 20 celcius. Once the temps get below minus 25, I keep myself nestled in the house under the quilts.  LOL. I guess thats enough rambling for today. I need to get some swaps organized, so should be busy doing that instead of gossiping here.  LOL.  Til next time. Stay healthy.  Judith

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