Saturday, February 5, 2011

Wow, Time does fly!

Hi Folks,  Here we are in February already and I haven't found time to post since November.  What can I say?  Christmas, Birthdays, weather all seem to take me away from the blog space.  I truly hope you are all fine and coping to the best way you can with some of this winter weather we have been having.  I am very lucky to be right in the center of North America, so the weather is pretty stable.  Six months of winter one month of spring, three months of summer and two months of autum.  You can pretty well bet on a cold winter, wet spring, hot summer and beautiful autumn. 
     I haven't worked on my long arm for a very long time.  I did manage to give away all the quilts I made for some of my family members, but it is long overdue for me to take up the rest of the challenge and finish off the remaining quilt tops sitting in my basket.  I have about 21 quilts waiting to be quilted and another fifty or so that are waiting to be claimed by family members who haven't made it out here to pick out the top of their choice.   I have been at the sewing machine during the past five months though and have managed to finish putting together a couple of dozen tops that were sitting unfinished in my UFO pile.  Some were blocks I had swapped on the Cdnquiltswappers list group and others were smaller projects started as wheelchair quilts.  I had a change of heart and made borders from my scrap bin to enlarge them to twin size medallion type quilts.  These I can donate to my charity of choice when they are quilted.  I have used up my stash of batting, though and had to go on a spending spree for more warm and natural as well as backings.  That's what put a stop to my quilting in the first place.  Once I stopped because of lack of batting and backing, it was hard for me to get started again what with Christmas and such right in the path of progress.  :>)  Only two more birthdays to get through this month and I will be back in stride at the long arm.  I got as far as putting a quilt top on the frame, now to make time to actually turn on the machine. 
     I need to update my groups web page and delete obsolete info.  How about the rest of you? Are you in the same boat as me?  The last top I made used up several diamonds which were given to me about 7 years ago.  I hate to throw out any fabric, so will find some way to use all the scraps up.  This week I found myself with a few minutes on hand, so I made a cover for my thermos.  Now the water stays hot overnight, so I am ready for my morning coffee first thing when I get out of bed.  How many of you turn on the computer as soon as you open your eyes?  Gotta check out the email and then turn on the sewing machine to sew up those things you dreamed up in bed during the night.  LOL.  We are creatures of habit, aren't we?  Well,  I hope to get on here at least once a week, but no promises are made. I have to learn blogging all over again. I've forgotten how to post a photo and other little tidbits of knowledge that I never really grasped in the first place. LOL.   Hugs Judith

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