Sunday, October 17, 2010

More Fall Colours

If you look carefully, you may see the deer hiding in the poplars. They like to come out at dusk and dawn.  Between the deer, fox, birds and rabbits, I am always entertained at the kitchen table looking out the window.
My goal I set just about ten months ago, was to make a quilt for every member of my family.  This means 97+ quilts will be given out to siblings, nieces, nephews and great nieces/nephews.  There are even a few Great-Greats in the mix.  Over the past ten months I have succeeded in completeing and distributed 37 of these quilts.  I haven't worked on the sewing machines for over a month now, because the yard needed to get ready for winter.  I think I will be able to resume the quilting in about two weeks.  I do have all the quilt tops made already.  I have been having family members come out for a visit and to pick out the quilt top of their choice from the available tops.  Today was one of these days.  My niece and her family came out to pick out the tops she would like to have.  Since the beginning of September, I have had four other families come to pick out their choices.  So I now have about twenty+ tops tagged with names to be quilted.  They will get worked on first.  It has been interesting to hear their comments on the various styles and colours of the quilt tops I offer up to choose from.  These quilts are all bed size from single thru queen size.  I don't do king size as my setup is not user friendly to anything larger than queen size. 
After they went home, I sat and played with some scraps of poly cotton, making up a few blocks which will find their way into some charity quilts once these family quilts are all done.  I thought it would be good to donate a few serviceable quilts to the local charities.  Most quilters I know do a lot of charity quilts and I know they are always well received.  Its interesting to hear comments from others about the cost of this hobby of mine, but since I don't drink, smoke, or spend money in ways other than cost of living, I chalk this up to my form of addiction.  LOL.  As my daughter says, it is my form of poison.  LOL.  I am a passionate person and usually give 110% of myself into anything I do, so this does not feel extravagant to me.  The smiles and thanks I get are a rich payment indeed.  I especially love the little children who drag their quilts everywhere with them and who fondly wrap their dollies and teddies up with as much love as they can find in the quilt.  I will post photos of some of these quilts in the weeks to come. I will see what tomorrow brings as we are promised another week of beautiful fall weather which still ranges in the double digits.  Oh another thing I got done this weekend was to bag up the halloween candies into handout bags.  I'm all ready for that big night in two weeks time.  I wonder how many kids will knock on my door this year.  Last year I only had three.  My lowest number in forty years. But I prepare for thirty and have enough on hand to quickly make up more if needed.  That's my thoughts and comments for today. 

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